Using The Invisible Car Salesman Mobile Website

Enter into your mobile browser's address bar:

Share your location when prompted to do so:

The system will then pinpoint your location and display the participating dealerships in your area with the closest to your location listed first:

Select desired dealership:

From here, you are given two options:
[1] Enter the stock # seen on the yellow window sticker of the desired vehicle. -or- [2] Browse the dealership's inventory.

("Enter stock #" will bring you directly to the vehicle's information page, while "Browse This Dealership" will list the dealer's current inventory with an option to filter the results by make.)

If you opted to "Browse This Dealership", then select the desired vehicle from the generated list:

Detailed vehicle information is displayed on the page, along with five buttons which allow for further hassle-free interaction:

Click on any of our five buttons at the top of the mobile page:

[ Call Now ] If you are shopping during regular business hours, this will allow you to contact the dealership directly for further information:

[ Make Offer ] Enter your email and offer. The dealership will review it and contact you promptly:

[ Request Carfax ] Enter your email address, and the dealership will process your request:

[ Car locator ] If the vehicle you are looking for is not available at your current location, press the car locator button, enter in the year/ make/ model desired, and The Invisible Car Salesman will search all of the participating dealers in your entire market area for the perfect match.

[ Watchlist ] If the vehicle you are looking for is not currently available at any of our participating dealerships, enter your email, year/ make/ model, and specified range; when one of our dealers trades for or purchases that vehicle, you will be notified in real-time.

Finally, if at any point you wish to return to the previous screen, simply press the "go back" button: